Make Your Initiatives Stick

Effective Change Management Drives Adoption

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Healthcare organizations can no longer allow the potential benefits of critical initiatives to go unrealized. When you absolutely must achieve transformational strategies, you need to bring the entire organization along with you. People are the key to any change, and they have different experiences, needs and mindsets that need to be considered. The organization—the ecosystem of employees, functions, and processes—has a history and environment that influence behaviors and attitudes. And the project is the vehicle by which change is being implemented. If any of these three pillars is neglected, the risk of failure increases.

This article provides: 

  • A three-pillar framework to assess change readiness
  • The key areas to address to help ensure change will be sustained
  • A practical example of how the framework was applied at a healthcare system

To drive adoption in an organization that is already stretched thin, learn how to apply a precise change management approach.